Beach Strategies Phase 1 Summary Report

Beach Strategies Phase 1 Summary Report: Identifying Target Beaches to Restore and Protect

Phase 1 of the Beach Strategies project aims to update and refine existing nearshore datasets, many of which were compiled for the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP) in 2011. Having up-to-date, accurate coastal data is crucial for those making important decisions about restoration prioritization and continued research. Beach Strategies datasets include updated net shore-drift (littoral) mapping, a complete shoreline parcel database with residential and commercial properties, refined fetch and erosion potential measures, pocket beach and historical feeder bluff mapping, and new shore armor for selected areas. Additional features include a linearly referenced net shore-drift layer, a powerful tool that allows users to locate features either up-drift or down-drift of any point along a net shore-drift cell.

The Beach Strategies project will continue into Phase 2, which involves identifying additional data gaps, collaborating with end-users, and developing and applying metrics to present accessible data outputs.

View project deliverables and current status here.