These example project pages are grouped by service type. Click on each image below to learn more about each CGS project.

Restoration Design

Learn more about CGS Restoration Design services here.

Bulkhead removal and beach restoration, Brown Island
Post Point Lagoon: estuary restoration and enhancement
Partial groin and bulkhead removal, beach nourishment at Ala Spit County Park

Mapping and Monitoring

Learn more about CGS Mapping and Monitoring services here.

Monitoring storm damage to the revetment along Lummi Shore Road.
Boulevard Park, Bellingham: monitoring physical and biological change.
Long term beach monitoring at the Elwha River Delta.

Regional Assessments

Learn more about CGS Regional Assessment services here.

Completing net shore-drift mapping in the Puget Sound
Feeder Bluff Mapping of the Puget Sound
Assessing risk to utility cable landing, Blakely Island, San Juan County

Coastal Management

Learn more about CGS Coastal Management services here.

Island County Emergency Shoreline Permitting
Shoreline Master Plans and Critical Areas Ordinances updates
Informing Mackaye Harbor Road relocation