Ramin Familkhalili

Ramin Familkhalili, PhD, Coastal Engineer

Ramin is a civil engineer specializing in coastal hydrodynamics, estuarine physical oceanography, and water resources engineering including coastal modeling, hydraulic modeling, physical dynamics of estuarine processes, storm water management, and culvert and drainage design. His modeling experience includes developing numerical and analytical models to investigate the effects of global sea-level rise and anthropogenically altered bathymetry on coastal flooding and storm surge within harbors and estuaries. He has modeled estuarine physical processes in a variety of locations to address issues related to compound flooding and non-stationarity. He has also modeled hydrodynamic and biological processes in flexible aquatic vegetation with focus on wave damping and flooding. Ramin has experience deploying, analyzing, and interpreting ADV, ADCP, and CTD data. He has a MSc in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering/Water Resources. Before joining CGS, Ramin’s experience includes working in both private and public sectors such as a Surface Water Engineer at the City of Portland, OR, and an Environmental Engineer at Saze Pars Engineering Consultants.

For coastal engineering and modeling services, contact Ramin directly at 360-647-1845 x23 or at ramin@coastalgeo.com