Alison Lubeck

Alison Lubeck, BA, GIS Analyst, Permit Specialist

Alison Lubeck has over four years of professional experience with ArcGIS. In addition to her advanced GIS and cartography skills, Alison has an interdisciplinary background in oceanography, biogeography, soil systems, and technical writing. At CGS, Alison utilizes these skills to manage large spatial datasets, conduct historical shore change analysis, perform detailed data entry and QA/QC, draft reports, and conduct field research. As a permit specialist for CGS, Alison also assists clients in applying for project-related permits and coordinates with various permitting agencies to help advance project construction. Alison graduated from Western Washington University with a Major in Geography and a Minor in GIS.

For GIS and mapping, contact Alison directly at 360-647-1845 x26 or