About Coastal Geologic Services

Coastal Geologic Servicesí team of professionals conducts nearshore assessments, mapping, coastal design, and management. We are a small integrated group with complimentary skill sets in the many aspects of coastal and estuarine processes and design.

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Jim Johannessen, MS, LEG
Principal Coastal Geologist/President
Andrea MacLennan, MS
Coastal Geomorphologist
Adam Tullis, BA
CAD/Permit Specialist
Branden Rishel, BS
GIS Analyst
Rebecca Cayen, BS, GIT
Office Manager
Associate Geologist
Alison Lubeck, BA
GIS Technician
Jim specializes in beach and estuarine assessment, mapping, and restoration design. He started CGS in 1993 and has performed coastal assessments and developed beach nourishment, soft shore protection, integrated site management approaches, restoration, and other designs from initial concept through to final construction drawings in all Salish Sea counties. Jim also monitors beach projects, serves as a regional expert for Sound-wide studies and efforts and also as an expert witness, and runs educational programs throughout the region to facilitate community understanding of coastal processes and interactions of coastal modifications and nearshore habitats.
Andrea has an interdisciplinary background, having studied both coastal geomorphology and coastal ecology. She has been working for CGS since 2003 and in the Puget Sound since 1999. Andrea specializes in nearshore geomorphic and habitat assessments, net shore-drift mapping, applied coastal management, restoration and conservation planning and prioritization, and (historical) shore change analysis (in GIS).
Adam has more than 17 years of experience in the design and drafting of environmental, urban, civil and architectural construction documents and permitting plans. Adam has prepared and processed numerous shoreline, restoration, and development permit submittals to local, state, and federal agencies for projects to meet the complex regulations of the Puget Sound region.
Branden has been working in analytical mapping since 2003. He has worked on several natural resource management research projects for governments and universities in the US and Canada. He loves wrestling with big datasets to create intuitive data visualizations, entertaining infographics, and beautiful maps. At CGS, Branden uses his skills for technical writing, editing, GIS database management, and spatial analysis.
Rebecca has a bachelor of science degree in geology and over nine years of office administration experience working for federal, state, and local government agencies, and in the private sector with knowledge of different practices, policies, regulations, and laws. Rebecca supports CGS staff with her administrative experience and completes project work using her skills in geology/geomorphology and fieldwork.
In addition to her advanced GIS and cartography skills, Alison has studied oceanography, biogeography, and soil systems. Alison has managed large datasets and enjoys conducting analysis on important issues such as coastal restoration and management in the Salish Sea. Alison graduated from Western Washington University with a Major in Geography and a Minor in GIS and applies her skills to GIS tasks allowing for budget efficiency.